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So, you need a web's free sound?

If you qualify as a Full Service Customer, you can get a free web page in the Members section of The Auction Guy's home page at Your page can be up to 3 mb with three full pages and will remain free of charge as long as you remain a Full Service Customer.

Your page's URL address would be:

Or your can send your customers to The Auction Guy's home page. If they click on Members, they will be able to find a link to your site.

You can use your free web page to display other items you have for sale, tell people more about your collection and/or company, or use it as a newsletter, updating your customers about upcoming items for sale. The good thing is that it is free and it has a great home.

I am a Full Service Customer, but I don't have time to build a web site. Can you help me get something started?

If you are a Full Service Customer, we can build a basic single page web site for a reasonable one-time fee with no monthly costs as long as you remain a Full Service Customer.

Your single web page can have up to three photos and three links to other web pages.

But I am not a Full Service Customer, can you help me?

Yes, we can help. For a small setup fee and fair monthly price, you too can have a web page on The Auction Guy web site with up to three pages, three photos per page, three links per page.

If you need a page built for you, we can do it at extremely reasonable prices. Inquire within.


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