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"How much does it cost?"

Full Service Brokerage: So you need someone to take care of everything from taking digital photos, to listing items on eBay, to answering email inquiries from buyers, to contacting high bidders, to taking payment for items, to packing and shipping the items, to creating an invoice and paying you. Then you need Full Service Brokerage.

Full Service Customers pay a straight 15% commission on everything that sells over $100.00 and 25% straight commission for all items that sell for less than $100.00.

Items that do not meet a reserve price after two weeks are charged a flat fee of $10.00. Add 5% to the above fees if your monthly sales are below $1000.00. Save 5% on above costs anytime your monthly sales exceed $5000.00.

Customers receive their portion of sales revenues once a month and receive a full-report with spread sheets outlining the performance of their items and color copies of each completed auction page showing photos of the items.

Free Full Service Customer Benefits:

  • Free Web Page hosted at (up to 3mb)
  • Free Scanning and Digital Photography
  • Free Storage, Shipping and Handling
  • Free Digital Photo record of all auction items (burned unto a CD or on a Zip Disk)
  • Free Photo Hosting on one of our super fast servers
  • Free alias email account

"I have a few things that I would like to sell on eBay, can you help me?"

Let's say you just have a few things that you want to put on eBay. You can use our OneTime Brokerage Service.

The OneTime Brokerage Service is exactly like the Full Service Brokerage service listed above without any of the Free Customer Benefits.

"I would prefer to post items on eBay by myself. I just need some help getting started, any advice?"

Check out my consultation page. I've helped a lot of people get started on eBay. I'm sure I can help you too. Telephone consultation also available.


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