Your One Stop Internet Auction Consultant and Broker

So, you need someplace to store your stuff before it sells. No need to search any further!

For all our Full Service Customers we offer FREE storage of auction goods. We will take items up to 3 months before they go to auction and hold them for 3 months after auctions end. All we ask is that you sign a release form barring us from lost or stolen property. We don't plan on losing it, never know.

We are shipping fools and we have the supplies to prove it!

We have become shipping experts. Be it a fine art print or a delicate glass vase, we know how to get it where it's going safely and smoothly. Our Full Service Customers will save lots of money by not having to go to those expensive Shipping Stores or by trying to ship it themselves. Let us take care of it, after all, it's free for you.

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