Your One Stop Internet Auction Consultant and Broker

So, you need someone to help train you or your staff on how to prepare and post things on eBay? We can help!

For a flat hourly fee of $49.99, we will send one of our experts to your business or home to conduct a personalized class, or we will help you over the phone. Some of the topics included in our consultation service include:

Introduction to eBay (3 hours): covers everything from the basics of how to become a registered user and how to keyword search for items on eBay and ends up going into some of the more complicated things like how to list items effectively on eBay. Highly recommended.

Introduction to Digital Photography and Flatbed Scanning and the preparation of Web Images (3 hours): covers everything from digital camera tricks to the use of professional imaging softwares like Adobe's Photoshop and Macromedia's Fireworks. The goal is to create a crisp, sharply focused digital photo or scan with a small file size to reduce the image loading time on eBay. A must!

Tips for creating effective eBay auction sites (two hours): This two hour class will go into some of the more advanced aspects of creating super effective eBay auction sites. Answers questions like: how do I get several photos on my eBay auction page?; how can I get my images to enlarge when the customer clicks an image?; how can I have larger font sizes and different fonts on my eBay auction site? and more. Your sites will never be the same!

Advanced eBay Tricks (two hours): So, do you want to learn how to submit 100 items all at one time? This is the class for you. Turn two hours of work into 2 minutes! Requires some knowledge of computer programming.

Running an eBay business (3 hours): In one afternoon, we will introduce you to all the time saving tricks that we have learned over the past several years. Three hours of training will end up saving your 100s of hours and 100s of dollars.

All of our classes are conducted by The Auction Guy approved instructors. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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