Your One Stop Internet Auction Consultant and Broker

Need someone to take digital photographs or scans of your items? Need a fast and reliable place to host your auction photos? Need a digital record of your valuables?

We work with a number of high quality flatbed scanners and digital cameras. Let our experience working with digital images benefit you.

The three major problems that people have with web pictures...

...are very poor lighting, humongous file sizes that take forever to view and slow hosting servers (especially AOL). We at The Auction Guy have the equipment, servers and the expertise to eliminate these major problems.

Our specialties include creating eBay sites that load very quickly, producing sharply focused, bright and clear digital photos and offering the customer the option of seeing close-ups of the objects they are interested in by clicking on the images. Click here to see an example of what we do and compare it with the typical eBay seller's presentation.

Speed, clarity and honesty in presentation without too many unnecessary bells and whistles, that's what we are after.

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